Enjoy the advantages of virtual coupons in Apple Wallet and Google Pay

Graphical content

All the information for customer is on the coupon

Custom texts

Coupon has special fields for important information: discount rate, expiration date, etc. This information can be replaced by any other text.


You can tell more about your special offer by placing its terms on the main image or upload the image of the products with discount.

Usage status

After the coupon is used its barcode becomes inactive.

Онлайн-анкетирование и получение электронной карты Wallet

Push-notifications with the sale expiring date reminder

Your customers get a reminder when the sale date is close to an end

Использование электронной карты Wallet
Expanded number of symbols

Push-notification with the expiration date can be changed. After push-notification appeared on the lockscreen the user can continue reading its text on the back side of the coupon.


These funny things help to increase the efficiency of push-notifications.

Geolocation-based push-notifications

The notification appears on the lockscreen within a radius of 100 m from the set point

Quick access to the coupon

Within a radius of 100 m from the points of sale where the coupon can be used the customer will see push-notification on the lockscreen of their smartphones. The coupon opens up by tapping on it.


Use messages to tell customers about the special offer available just for today. It helps to attract the coupon holders that are around.


Within a radius up to 30 m from the iBeacon the user will get a notification. Such notifications are useful for more accurate targeting inside the sale point.

push-уведомление на электронной карте Wallet

Interactive content

Links, phone numbers, addresses and more are on the back side of the coupon

Использование электронной карты Wallet
Phone numbers

Clicking the phone number user can make a call.


Links can be "hide" in the text. These parameters can include coupon number and other information about its user.

Links to the map

Interactive links to the map can transfer the user to the same-name app with the certain set point.

Simple distribution

Add link for coupon to the website or to the Email to distribute it

Single link

Coupons are downloading by single link. Every time after clicking this link a new coupon will be gererated.

Rules for numbers generation

Parameters for numbers generation (promocodes) are in settings. Promocodes can be generated in accordance with a certain range.

Brand-name badges

Use ready-made badges for Emails and websites and also guidelines for their usage.

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