Enjoy the advantages of virtual reward pass in Apple Wallet and Google Pay

Online forms

Quick enrollments with phone numbers and emails verification

Verified data

Phone number and Email confirmation by verification code. It helps to get correct data.

Duplicates prevention

Online forms include existing customers control check which helps to prevent duplications and mistakes in analytics.

CRM synchronization

Cut down expenses on digitizing, transfer and distribution due to quick transfer of data right to the CRM.

Онлайн-анкетирование и получение электронной карты Wallet


Geo-notifications within a radius of 100 m from the set point

Использование электронной карты Wallet
Quick access to the pass

The pass appears on the lockscreen and is ready for use by one touch.


Create messages for geo-notifications so the user can see them on the locksreen or read the complete message by 3D touch.


Use iBeacons to send messages to the lockscreen.

Updatable information

The information on the pass is updatable so you can always keep up with the latest news

Updatable fields

Any changes in information go right to the pass so the user can always be awared of the latest news.


Color, logo and information on the pass can be changed online with no need to resend it to the user.


Color, logo and information on the pass can be changed online with no need to resend it to the user.

Онлайн-анкетирование и получение электронной карты Wallet


Notifications with the extended number of symbols

Использование электронной карты Wallet
Transactional push-notifications

Transactional push-notifications tell the user about the certain changes such as "Bonus balance".

Marketing push-notifications

Send marketing push-notifications to inform about sales, special offers, close events, etc.

Service push-notifications

Use service push-notifications to inform about the new terms of your loyalty program.

Interactive content

Links to the apps and browser on the back side of the pass

Phone number

Clicking the phone number user can make a call.

Links to browser

Clicking the link user can get to the website in a browser.

Links to the map

Interactive links to the map can transfer the user to the same-name app with the certain set point.

push-уведомление на электронной карте Wallet

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