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Growth of visits frequency

Virtual passes help to remind customers on time about their next visit

Visits history

  • Last visits history right on the pass.
  • Add to calendar the time of the visit.
  • The link to online appointment.

Recommended visits

  • The recommended visit time is generated on the base of the last visit time.
  • Push-notifications with the recommended visit reminder. 

Онлайн-анкетирование и получение электронной карты Wallet

Your virtual pass is where you are

Passes store in Apple Wallet and Google Pay mobile wallets installed by default.

The Apple Wallet app is already used by customers for contactless payments on Apple devices.

  • Installed by default and can't be deleted.
  • Is already used by customers for contactless payments.
  • The link to online appointment.

Standard app that is already used for contactless payments. Bank cards, loyalty cards, movie and event tickets, coupons and boarding passes are stored inside the app.

  • Recommended visit and time right on the pass.
  • Push notifications with the recommended visit reminder.
  • The link to online appointment.

Unlimited push notifications

Effective alternative to SMS

Marketing and transactional push-notifications

  • Sales, special offers, etc.
  • The design of notifications is similar to the company style.
  • Unlimited number of symbols.
  • Notification stay on the pass after the user sees it.
Онлайн-анкетирование и получение электронной карты Wallet

Important information is on the foreground

Customer's status in the loyalty program, bonuses, expiration date

Active bonus balance and status

  • The bonus balance is updating in real time after each activity.
  • Automatical synchronization of the information with CRM.
  • Information can be placed anywhere on the pass or showed in notifications.
Онлайн-анкетирование и получение электронной карты Wallet

Interactive loyalty program

Effective customers engagement with the loyalty program.


  • The main information about current offers and other benefits of the loyalty program are available on the front side of the pass.
  • Different scripts of push-notifications (promotions, personal offers) help to increase customers activity.
  • Design of the pass can be changed depending on status in the loyalty program, current promotions, etc.
Онлайн-анкетирование и получение электронной карты Wallet

Quick access to the information

The information about the loyalty program terms and other company contacts are available on the back side of the pass.

Additional informations

  • The loyalty program terms (cashback categories, discounts, etc).
  • Company contacts (website, social networks, Email, phone number).
  • The link to mobile app.

Онлайн-анкетирование и получение электронной карты Wallet

High level of service

We carefully launch and support projects, provide the highest level of emergency and work in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation

Выделенный аккаунт-менеджер Passteam
Personal account manager

Our qualified manager helps with the launch, gives consistent instructions and consults all project participants

Как мы соблюдаем 152 ФЗ РФ

We keep personal data secure in the territory of the Russian Federation and are in the register of personal data operators


We guarantee the confidentiality of the data

White label карт Wallet и Google Pay
White Label

No information about the passes creator

API создания карт для Wallet и Google Pay
API for high loads

Scalable infrastructure and cloud technologies allow to maintain stability during peak traffic


Ensuring system availability 99.95% of the time. Supplementary agreement with financial guarantee

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